The idyllic village „Kritzow“
“Hof Critzow” was mentioned the very first time in a document from prince Heinrich von Mecklenburg in the year 1317.

The peaceful village with a population of 125 inhabitants is in its immediate surrounding affected by an unique end moraine scenery including many hills, small lakes, fascinating bog areas and intact mixed forests.

Although Kritzow is a calm place at all seasons, guests appreciate the optimal traffic connection. For example, the regional capital is only 15 kilometres away. It also takes you just a short journey from the village to the coast of the Baltic Sea or the Hanseatic cities Wismar and Rostock.

A lot of leisure activities are nearby the holiday house “Haus am Eichberg”. You can reach them easily by bicycle or by walk and seasonal with a special bus or a car.
Eichberg Kritzow
„Eichberg“ in Kritzow
Dorf Kritzow
Village Kritzow