Enjoy your holiday culturally
Not only nature and landscape make your holiday in the north of Germany to an unforgettable experience but also art and culture.

Schwerin is the regional capital and the quintessence for great theatre relish. In summer, there are open air theatre performances at the “Alten Garten” (old garden) which attract thousands of people.

The state museum presents the international appreciative “Holländersammlung” (dutch collection) and rare porcelain from all over the world.

The “Schweriner Schloss” (castle of Schwerin) is an attractive architecture. It is very recommendable to visit the throne hall and the art gallery there. The castles in Ludwigslust and Güstrow invite visitors all over the year, too.

Highlights of the cultural life are the “Sommerfestspiele” (summer festival). They present first-class musicians at many places.
Schweriner Schloss
Castle of Schwerin